Contractor License Registration

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LicenseFeesIn order to register a contractor's license, the applicant must provide the City of Muskogee with a copy of the state license issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, a copy of the applicant's drivers license, and the required fee as stated below:
  • Contractor - $300.00
  • Contractor/Renewal - $150.00
**NOTE** Contractor license registration is due for renewal by June 30th of each year. You have a 60-day grace period. If not renewed before September 1st, you will be charged a fee just as a NEW REGISTRATION! 

The Contractor for each field is responsible for assuring that all workers are licensed with the State of Oklahoma and registered with the City of Muskogee. The Contractor and his workers can be fined $200.00 each for working without a registration. The Contractor is required to make arrangements for inspections in his field and is required to be available during the inspections.